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We nourish your pets for a better life by providing tasty, wholesome and nutritious food that allows your pets to flourish.


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Natural Pet Food Dogs Love

As a pet owner, we know you want to give your dog the best life possible. With our grain free pet food, you can. Phoenix creates a range of balanced, high-protein products suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds.

  • More energy to enjoy an active lifestyle
  • Gentle on the digestive system
  • Healthier teeth, skin and coat
  • Better immune system and muscle health
  • Allergy friendly

More benefits

High-quality pet food for all pups

For most brands of dog food, grain is used as a filler. At Phoenix, we take out all the grain and replace it with pure protein and wholefood blends so that your pup is getting more of the good stuff. All of our products are made using quality meats, hypoallergenic ingredients and carbohydrate sources to ensure that your dog receives all the nutrients they need and more. Unlike many other grain free dog food options, we use nutritionally-dense superfoods to replace the grains and give your pup an extra little push so that they can fully enjoy what life has to offer. We use meat from a variety of animals — kangaroo, poultry, goat and lamb, and fish — in our grain free food to provide different health benefits and cater to different tastes. Whether you need foods to sustain a high-energy dog or to soothe a sensitive stomach, we have a range of options to suit you.

  • Free of grains
  • Optimal protein source (Single and multiple options)
  • High in Omega 3 & Omega fatty acids
  • Contains superfoods like coconut, kale, kelp and blueberries
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • No GMOs
  • Natural pre and probiotics for better digestive health.

More protein for peppier pups

Like us, dogs are omnivores. However, while they do need a lot of different nutrients, vitamins and minerals to keep a balanced diet, proteins are the number one thing you should be looking for in dog food.

All dogs, but especially puppies and active dogs, require proteins to build (and maintain) muscle, skin, hair and overall wellbeing. And, as they can’t store it in their bodies, it needs to come from their daily diet. Every Phoenix food product contains at least 32% protein per serve, meaning that your dog is always getting the right amount they need to thrive. We focus on promoting energy and vitality so that your dog can live their best life.


Why go for grain free dog food?

Grain in dog food is often used as a filler to make meat go further. That means your pup is getting less of the beneficial nutrients and proteins they need.

While a grain free diet can be beneficial for any dog, those with grain allergies, sensitivities or intolerances need a grain free option to thrive.

For some dogs, grains can make their stomachs upset. Others struggle to digest grains and can develop health problems if they continue on the same diet. If you’ve noticed that your dog is discontent eating their regular dry dog food or is getting sick often, consult your vet to see whether there is a specific ingredient causing allergies or issues.

Every dog has different dietary and health requirements. If you are unsure about what sort of diet would be best for your dog in particular and whether grain free is the right option for you, make sure to check in with your vet.


100% grain free food

We source only the nest natural ingredients so that you can be certain that your dog is getting the proper nourishment they need. From fresh Australian Barramundi through to protein rich Kangaroo – all of our ingredients are of the highest quality.

We are New Zealand owned and through the support of local independent pet shops across the country, we
are committed to providing your dog with the best food possible.

Natural dog food

Let’s face it — natural is always best. If you want to feed your dog the way nature intended, you need a healthy balance of high-quality meats, veggies and other good stuff.

Over the years, we have devised and refined our dry dog food recipes to come up with the perfect grain free diet for your pup.  Our grain free dog food is high in meat, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and taste. There are no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in any of our food — just natural goodness.

For growing dogs and adult dogs alike, our grain free pet food is the perfect fuel to keep your pup moving. With a blend of proteins and wholefood ingredients, your dog is getting the optimal support they need.

About Phoenix

We specialise in delicious high quality grain free dry dog food that keeps your pup feeling good. 

As the New Zealand grain free pet food industry has grown, we have committed to providing pet owners across the country with the best grain free dog food on the market. Each of our products contains at least 32% protein, various superfoods and other natural ingredients for the balanced diet your dog needs to thrive. With the nutrition they need and the taste they love, Phoenix ensures that your dog is properly nourished.

Our pet food products can be found in all good independent pet stores across the country.

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